“Upon first meeting Mr Andrew Greve, we were immediately put at ease. Our radar was on high alert as we had been duped before by Financial Planners. Here was a young man with a welcoming personality, no Armani suit nor reeking of aftershave. He immediately displayed a genuine interest in us, and an understanding of where we are in life. At no point then, nor since, have we felt any pressure or coercion to follow his advice.”

“Our initial fee was more than negated by Andrew’s rearrangement of our insurances. We were grossly inappropriately covered. He organised all the documentation, an onerous task at the best of times, with minimum fuss and inconvenience to us. Some phone calls and emails and the pain was over.”

“Andrew appears to have a solid grasp of the Superannuation, Social Security, Investment, Taxation and Financial Planning Legislations. If he can’t answer a query on the spot, he is quick to research and respond. We believe he is very much in tune with the industry.”

“We are very satisfied with the strategies that Andrew has put in place with our SMSF. He obviously cannot control the markets. Our investments are judiciously spread to match our comfort zone and offer maximum protection, yet take advantage of gains when they arise.”

“Andrew makes us feel as though we matter. Communication and fund updates are constant. Documentation and reports are concise and relevant. We are not so naive as to think his efforts are for gratis or love, but we certainly feel we are receiving value for our money. We have both worked in health care where we expect our patients to place their trust in us. We certainly are comfortable in placing our trust in Andrew. We have no hesitation in recommending Andrew as your Financial Planner.”

Tim and Leanne, Croydon VIC

“Recognising the need for financial assistance can sometimes be very difficult and problematic Who to ask? What are their credentials? Establishing and building trust? – all issues that need to be overcome. In our case this was typical of the process that we went through and now after more than 18 months of engagement we are pleased with the growth of our asset and would highly recommend the service and support provided by OP Wealth.”

“Always just a phone call away for resolution of questions or issues, regular monthly reports that have been formatted based on our preferred presentation of information and simple explanations of terms and processes. Willingness to listen to our investment strategy ideas as well as proposing their own. Importantly to us was an accessible consistent single point of contact that we could relate to and that we could trust.”

“If you want personnel service tailored specifically to your needs I recommend OP Wealth. They may not be the biggest but what they lack in size they make up for in service.”

Geoff and Janine, Bendigo VIC

“We had taken over the investing of our self-managed super fund because the investments previously recommended by other financial advisers were not delivering the returns to us as we had been led to believe. The investments were returning the amounts as advised, just not to us! The advisers and fund managers received the lion’s share of the returns, and we received the pittance that was left.”

“Subsequently we were introduced to Andrew. Naturally we were very hesitant due to our previous experiences.”

“We decided to dip our big toe in the water and handed over to Andrew some monies for investment. That was several years ago. Our big toe is now fully submerged!”

“Andrew understood our initial reluctance but he has worked diligently and compassionately to ensure we are comfortable with his recommendations, and these investments are returning to us what was expected.”

“Andrew is very professional and always keeps in mind our investment strategy and comfort level.”

“We can’t thank Andrew enough for his patience and understanding, and for growing our portfolio to its current acceptable level.”

Mary, Heathmont

“Andrew treats your Superannuation like it was his own. And based on his observations of world economics and having access to a wide cross section of analysts, fund managers and his own research, I can safely say that we are in very good hands. I have told him that he better not retire before me!!”

“On a personal level, from the get-go, I have enjoyed the repartee we share. We both share a bond that is unique and special because he is extremely down-to-earth and approachable.”

“It is more than a business relationship, Andrew is our Trusted Advisor and we are working to a very healthy end-game for our Superannuation.”

“I recommend Andrew Greve from Opwealth without Reservation.”

Archie & Cathie, Bentleigh