About Us

I have over two decades of experience in the financial services industry.  My first position was working for a stockbroker just in time to see the peak of the dot-com bubble and the subsequent crash.

It was during this turbulent time that I came to the view that a client’s best interests are served by having a financial adviser who could advise on the entirety of their financial situation.  As a result, I made the switch to financial planning.

However it was not until 2012 that we established the OP Wealth business.  My business partners and I knew that if we wanted to create a thriving practice, that would be successful through many market cycles, our principles and integrity would have to be impeccable. It was on this philosophy that OP Wealth was built.

Our business approach at OP Wealth is to provide ‘Pure Advice’.  We believe this philosophy encapsulates the business well.  To deliver upon this promise we aim to provide:

  • Pure advice - where the clients’ best interests are always placed front and centre in everything we do.
  • To act and provide advice without any conflict of interest – real, potential or perceived.

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