Month: January 2021

Get your affairs sorted with an estate plan

It’s an uncomfortable truth, knowing that one day we will pass away. No-one likes to think about the distress it will cause their loved ones or what kind of burden they’ll be left with. That’s why death is often considered …

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How to start saving for your future in your 30s

Some big life changes – and big expenses – can occur in your 30s. The key to maximising your retirement savings now is making savvy, forward-thinking financial decisions. This becomes even more relevant when you’re surrounded by the current economic …

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Five ways to make yourself more employable in 2021

If you’re among those who lost their job or missed out on work opportunities last year due to COVID-19, here’s what you can do to improve your employment prospects in 2021. Evaluate your transferable skills and competencies Start by taking …

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